Confused Religion

Everybody thinks Quran is an incomplete book. The scholars tell us that the Hadith books are supposed to complement it.

The Hadith books stress on following the example of Muhammad.

But Muhammad married a dozen women while Quran limits us to 4. How come Muhammad married more than 4 women and why?

The scholars say the Law for prophets is different. And Muhammad had extraordinary libido so he could satisfy 12 women, including a child.

Now I’m confused.

Are we supposed to follow the example of Muhammad or not?

I believe these scholars are grossly wrong. They don’t understand Quran 4:3. Nor any other verse for that matter.

I don’t also agree with the simplistic approach taken by Christian priests who tell me Quran is a false book.

And I’m not a politically-correct person, either. I seek the truth and I like to tell the truth and the truth is that Quran is not a false book but the established Islam is.

Confused Religion

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